TrackMania ModLoader



Run the modloader installer and click through the steps.

If you have some feedback or if you encounter any problems, you can join this discord server and report your issue in the #issues channel.

You can also download zip version here (e.g. if you are running Wine)


You might get Windows SmartScreen warning. That is because the program doesn’t have a digital signature (its pretty expensive). You need to click More Info and then click Run Anyway button.

ModLoader might also be detected as virus because it injects DLLs into the game. It is a false positive. You might need to add the entire folder where modloader is installed (%LocalAppData%\TMLoader\ by default) to antivirus exceptions.

TrackMania ModLoader doesn’t install TrackMania Forever itself. You need to install it yourself first if you dont have it yet. You can download it here.

Quick guide

  1. On first launch, you will be asked for admin permissions to install a protocol that handles shortcuts and an integration with original game.
  2. TrackMania ModLoader will welcome you with this screen. ModLoader Interface
  3. You can select mods in the Products column by clicking the diamond next to them.
  4. When you are ready, click the big Play button on the right side. Then you will have to launch your original game and click OK, because it automatically detects where your game is installed.
  5. You can create shortuct to the profile by clicking the arrow on the right side of the big Play button
  6. When you click on any product, it will show its details and available versions. You don’t have to select any version yourself, modloader will automatically pick the newest one that matches all dependencies.
  7. When you click on the TmForever product it has an additional section called Integration. On its right side is an install button. Integration overwrites the game executable (TmForever.exe) so that it will launch the game with modloader by default. ModLoader Product